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Welcome to Course Management

Testing by appointment ONLY


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Things You Need To Know

  1. Student Acknowledgment Form  This form needs to be on file before your first test. Please download and complete the form and give it to the proctor.
  2. Test Managers contact you through your Knights email address. You should make sure you have set up a knights email account by going to: 
  3. Please make sure you have the knights email account listed as your primary email account by following these instructions:
  4. Please review the Course Exam Times that your professor has slated for the different exams for your course.

Check Testing Lab Schedule

Please note that the exam availability indicated on this page only reflects the window of time when the instructor has released the exam. You must check the hours of the testing lab on the campus you registered for your course for their hours of operation before making an exam reservation.

     3.  Then review your assigned Testing Lab to determine the lab's days and times of operation.
     4.  Once you have determined a good time that fits both listed schedules PLUS your schedule, please make an appointment at: 


To reserve your spot in the lab for your class exam you must register online at our COBA Exam Appointment Website or   Engineering Exam Appointment Website no later than 24 hours in advance or you may not be able to take the exam.

      5.  If you have any further questions, please contact us ( email or phone 407-882-2102 ) for further assistance.
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Contact Information

UCF Connect Testing Contacts 

Test ManagerEmailPhone

Ricardo Suarez


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 Main Campus Testing Contacts

NameTitleEmailPhone Number
Ryan WilcoxCOB Test Representativerwilcox@bus.ucf.edu407-823-0992
Aaron SmartCOB Test Managerasmart@ucf.edu407-823-0419
Stacy Washam COB Test Lab Representative 407-823-0419 

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Exam Look up

Click the link below to see exam schedule